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The Proposal Summary CBSE Class 10 English First Flight

The proposal class 10 english first flight

Chapter 9 of Class 10 English textbook, ‘First Flight’, consists of prose – The Proposal, a funny short one-act play written in 1888–89 by Anton Chekhov, who was a Russian storyteller and dramatist.


CBSE Class 10 English The Proposal Summary

The chapter, “The Proposal,” is a comedy drama about two rich families trying to increase their land and wealth by arranging a marriage between their children. The play starts with Ivan Lomov, a wealthy guy, visiting his neighbor Stephan Chubukov. Lomov, all dressed up, has come to ask for Chubukov’s twenty-five-year-old daughter, Natalya Stepanovna’s hand in marriage. At first, Chubukov is curious about Lomov’s unexpected visit, thinking he might be asking for money that he won’t pay back. Lomov, a thirty-five-year-old well-mannered man, with a sensitive heart easily prone to palpitations and got easily upset. He believed Natalya, a good homemaker with average looks and a good education, would make an ideal partner. When Chubukov heard about the proposal, he was happy and warmly hugged Lomov. Without delay, he hurried inside to call his daughter, Natalya.

When Natalya showed up, Lomov started talking about the cordial relationship between their families. While discussing his disputed property, Oxen Meadows, Natalya disagreed, claiming it belonged to her family. Lomov argued loudly, insisting the land was his. The disagreement escalated until Lomov suddenly experienced heart palpitations and numbness in his feet. Without delay, Natalya’s father, Chubukov, appeared, and both father and daughter began berating Lomov. Feeling humiliated, Lomov hurried out of the house. As Chubukov continued criticizing the young man, he accidentally revealed Lomov’s marriage proposal to Natalya. Upon learning this, Natalya regretted her earlier insults and urgently requested her father to bring Lomov back.

Chubukov quickly went outside to invite Lomov inside again. Upon Lomov’s return, Natalya initiated a discussion about their dogs. Before long, a new argument erupted between her and Lomov. Natalya insisted that her dog, Squeezer, was superior to Lomov’s Guess. Chubukov reappeared, escalating the dispute. The three of them began quarreling, and Lomov soon fainted again, experiencing another attack of palpitation.

Observing this, Natalya requested her father to wake up Lomov, expressing her liking for him as well. Suddenly, as Lomov came to his senses, they gave him some water to drink, and Chubukov placed Natalya’s hand over his. Despite agreeing to get married, the argument persisted as Natalya insisted that Squeezer was superior to Guess. However, Lomov remained firm, refusing to accept that his dog, Guess, was inferior to Natalya’s dog, Squeezer. The curtain fell as the characters continued their verbal dispute.

Conclusion of The Proposal

The chapter, “The Proposal,” portrayed the argumentative nature of the characters in the play and highlighted how a rich family eagerly pushed for marriages with other wealthy families to improve their economic situation.

We trust that this summary of the CBSE Class 10 English First Flight Prose, “The Proposal,” has provided you with a quick grasp of the chapter. Stay connected with GK Publications for the latest updates on CBSE and study materials. Explore sample papers and question papers from various years to enhance your preparation for the Board exams.

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