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A Visit to Cambridge – CBSE Class 8 English Honeydew

A Visit to Cambridge

Chapter 7 of the CBSE Class 8 English Textbook – Honeydew includes a prose titled “A Visit to Cambridge.”This chapter is an extract taken from a travelogue and shares a conversation between two remarkable individuals about their thoughts on being differently abled. It offers a brief, yet heartfelt, glimpse into Cambridge, England. The author had a memorable and touching experience visiting the city, where he spent half an hour talking with Stephen Hawking, the brilliant astrophysicist who was completely paralyzed.
Here, we provide a brief summary of the prose- A Visit to Cambridge. 

CBSE Class 8 English A Visit to Cambridge Summary

“A Visit to Cambridge” is a travelogue by Firdaus Kanga, a journalist and writer from Mumbai. Despite being differently abled, Kanga traveled extensively and never let his disability hold him back, inspiring many around him. In this chapter, he recounts his memorable visit to Cambridge University in England, where he met Stephen Hawking, the brilliant astrophysicist who was completely paralyzed. Hawking, the author of the worldwide bestseller “A Brief History of Time,” left a lasting impression on Kanga.

During a walking tour of Cambridge University, Firdaus Kanga learned about Stephen Hawking, a brilliant astrophysicist who had a disability. Hawking held the prestigious position in the Physics Department that was once Sir Isaac Newton’s. After completing the tour, Kanga felt a strong desire to meet Hawking. He called Hawking’s house and explained to his assistant that he had traveled from India and was also in a wheelchair. Kanga expressed his wish to meet Hawking and mentioned his intention to write a book about his visit to England. Moved by this, the assistant scheduled an appointment for him to meet Hawking between 3:30 and 4 p.m.

When the author encountered Mr. Hawking, he was astonished to find that such a brilliant astrophysicist was entirely paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair, just like himself. Regaining his composure, he began posing a few questions to Mr. Hawking. Initially, he asked how Mr. Hawking managed to face his challenges with such bravery. The genius responded that he had no choice but to be courageous and accept his condition. However, he found it amusing when people patronized him. Firdaus then asked if Mr. Hawking ever felt irritated when disturbed. Mr. Hawking affirmed with a smile. Through the interview, the author came to see Mr. Hawking as a man with a beautiful heart and soul.

Additionally, the author asked Mr. Hawking if his disability made it difficult for him to perceive the humility and kindness in the world. Hawking concurred with Firdaus on this point. The interview concluded with a message for all readers. Mr. Hawking advised disabled individuals to focus on their strengths rather than dwelling too much on their disabilities. He encouraged them not to become overly zealous but to concentrate on what they excel at. After sharing this advice, Mr. Hawking went into his garden. Consequently, the author felt that his journey to England was not only inspiring but also successful.

Conclusion of A Visit to Cambridge

A visit to Cambridge was very meaningful. Meeting Mr. Hawking, a brilliant scientist who, despite being completely paralyzed, showed incredible bravery and wisdom, made a strong impact. Their talks emphasized the importance of focusing on one’s strengths rather than dwelling on disabilities. Mr. Hawking’s advice to focus on the good things within oneself resonated deeply with the author. The journey to Cambridge was not only inspiring but also very successful. The author left with a new outlook, thankful for the enriching experience and the chance to see the kind and strong spirit of Mr. Hawking.

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