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CBSE Class 10 English First Flight- Mijbil the Otter Summary & Notes

Mijbil the otter class 10th english first flight

Chapter 6 in the Class 10 English textbook, ‘First Flight,’ consists of the prose – Mijbil the Otter, written by Gavin Maxwell. This narrative describes the deep and affectionate connection shared between the author, Gavin Maxwell, and his pet otter, Mijbil.

CBSE Class 10 English: Mijbil the Otter Summary

The story of Mijbil the Otter begins with Gavin Maxwell and his companion venturing to Basra to answer their mail from the Consulate-General. Feeling the loneliness left by his lost dog, Maxwell expressed his wish to have an otter as a pet instead. His friend suggested getting one from the Tigris marshes in Iraq. Upon arrival, Maxwell’s friend quickly received their mail, but Maxwell had to wait a few more days. When he finally received his mail, he found an otter inside the sack brought by two Arabs with a message from his friend. He named the otter ‘Mijbil,’ affectionately calling it Mij.

After sometime, the little creature gradually adjusted to its new surroundings. Maxwell noticed Mij’s joy in playing with water and its ability to independently open the bathroom faucet. The writer was amazed at Mij’s imaginative games. As the time came for Maxwell to return to England with his otter companion, he encountered restrictions from British Airlines regarding animal travel. Consequently, he opted for a different airline that permitted Mij to accompany him. However, this airline required Mij to be packed in a box to avoid disturbing fellow passengers. Maxwell quickly arranged for a box an hour before the flight, placed Mijbil inside, and left quickly to grab a meal.

Upon his return, Maxwell discovered that the box had holes, and its edges were stained with blood, indicating that Mij had likely injured himself. Recognizing the issue, Maxwell cleaned the box thoroughly and arrived at the airport just before the flight departed. Boarding the plane, he explained the situation to an understanding air hostess, who suggested keeping Mij on his lap instead of locking him inside the box. Grateful for her advice, Maxwell opened the box, and to everyone’s surprise, Mij leaped out, causing a bit of chaos on the flight. The compassionate air hostess quickly took charge, handled Mij and returning him to Maxwell. Upon reaching London, Maxwell expressed his gratitude to the crew for their assistance during the journey.

In London, Mij gradually adjusted to its new surroundings, engaging in playful activities with marbles and ping-pong balls. The writer found Mij’s game with a broken suitcase to be particularly fascinating. Maxwell frequently took Mij for walks, sparking curious speculations from the people of London about the otter’s identity. Some mistook Mij for a baby seal, beaver, or squirrel, while others humorously referred to it as a hippo. One of the most surprising responses came from a laborer digging a hole when asked, “Here, Mister — what is that supposed to be?”

Conclusion of Mijbil the Otter

In the chapter, “Mijbil the Otter” the narrative unfolds the deep and meaningful connection between the author and his pet otter, Mijbil. It narrates a sequence of events that occurred during their journey to London. In the end, Mijbil the otter’s playful spirit reminds us that joy can be found in the simplest of moments, forever inspiring us to cherish the beauty of life’s everyday adventures.

We trust that this summary of the CBSE Class 10 English First Flight Prose, Mijbil the Otter has provided you with a quick grasp of the chapter. Stay connected with GK Publications for the latest updates on CBSE and study materials. Explore sample papers and question papers from various years to enhance your preparation for the Board exams.

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