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Boost Your All India Rank (AIR) with Best IIT JEE Advanced Physics Book

JEE Advanced PYQ analysis ashish arora

The best Physics book for JEE Advance 2023 is released now. This book is the best in its category and covers all previous year questions of 16 years of IIT JEE Advanced including jee advanced 2022 paper solutions.

In JEE advanced, physics is considered the most important subject which is responsible for high scores in jee advanced physics. The Physics Galaxy book of JEE Advanced PYQ is loaded with detailed comprehensive solutions to each question covering intensified concepts related to the questions which help in evolved thinking for IIT-Jee.

For IIT Jee advanced paper every question is newly framed and cracking the IIT-JEE Advanced exam requires deep thinking and evolved brain strategies. This book of chapter-wise solutions to the previous year’s jee advanced exam helps in building derived thinking and practicing questions at out of the box – OTBT level already taken from past year papers of IIT jee advanced to align the mindset of students for attempting IIT-JEE advanced exam at high speed and accuracy.

GKP and Physics Galaxy have come up with Physics Galaxy 2023: JEE Advanced Physics – Chapterwise PYQ Analysis by Ashish Arora.

With #1 ranking on Amazon and other e-commerce sites. The book is a comprehensive study material for JEE Main and NEET physics that covers the entire syllabus in a thorough way to accompany aspirants to achieve their goals using the previous year’s papers till the 2022 exam. The solutions provided in the book are theoretically enriched.

How to Prepare?

Even after choosing the right study material, one needs to have a strategy to prepare in such a manner that it covers the whole syllabus in the given period leaving ample time for revision. The book is divided into 23 chapters and there’s a strategy to study the book shared by the author himself:

🕗 Divide the 23 chapters into 23 days, taking one chapter for each day
🕗 Practice each question twice or thrice until you get it on your tips
🕗 After practicing each chapter, take a gap of 24 hours and revise again to check how much you retained.

Following these steps, you’ll be thorough with the syllabus within a month, which will leave you time to revise again and again.

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JEE Advanced PYQ analysis ashish arora
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