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Unravelling Indian Culture : The Essence of Bharat – Ancient India

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Unravelling Indian Culture: The Essence of Bharat takes the reader on a memorable journey through the rich and colourful tapestry of India’s glorious cultural traditions and achievements.
The carefully compiled and curated text spread over three Volumes, is illumined by nearly 1500 photographs.
Such a wide array of photographs imparts a clear and unfiltered view of the myriad elements of Indian culture. They are thus integral to the very concept of this series, which is to offer the common reader, a lucid understanding of the range, depth and intricacies of our rich cultural ethos. The photographs also take these three volumes into the category of an illustrated work on Indian culture.

  • This volume (Volume 1) is on Ancient India and comprises seven chapters. The fundamentals of what constitutes culture and its interconnections with other salient institutions, viz. religion, civilisation and nationality is a defining feature of the first chapter.
  • The second chapter is on the Indus Valley Civilisation and the Harappan culture, its town planning, society, government etc., Its mysterious yet undeciphered script and the possible causes of the decline of this civilisation.
    The subsequent three chapters on Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism highlight the essence of the grand philosophies of these ancient and living religions. These profound philosophies are intrinsic constituents of Indian culture and continue to guide the modern world.
  • Chapter 6 brings out the tangible and intangible cultural elements of the ancient world. They also take us through the grand universities of this age, the intricate rock-cut architecture and the nascent free-standing temples.
  • The last chapter (Chapter 7) is on the grand ancient and medieval temples of that era, which in fusion with the religious fervour of the age, were a marvel of the ancient world.

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