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Secrets behind Faster Calculations by Praveen Tyagi

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Be it calculating the spare change at your local grocery shop or adding travel expenses, an aptitude for quick calculations always comes in handy.

Being fast with numbers is always an added advantage, especially when you need to solve questions in a constrained time limit, such as your college exams or even more importantly, entrance and competitive exams.

Calculating quickly is not something that you master overnight, there are tricks that you need to master along with learning time management. GKP’s ?Secrets Behind Faster Calculations? by Mr Praveen Tyagi is ideal for aspirants of all Goverment Exams, CAT, GATE, JEE etc.

The book has been divided into 10 distinct chapters namely General Tricks, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication, Squaring, Cubing, Square Root, Cube Root, Division, Percentage and Data Interpretation.

All of these contain useful techniques which will assist students in enhancing their calculative ability to the maximum.

When applied while practising with regular study material, the book is going to provide incredible value for students.

Salient Features: 10 distinct sections with tips and techniques to do quick calculations Practice Tests to assess learning level Prepared in coherence with the needs of learners and aspirants of various competitive and entrance exams

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Praveen Tyagi

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GK Publications

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