Indian Economy: Developmental Perspective through Questions & Answers by AV Balakrishnan

By (author)AV Balakrishnan

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In this 21st century, while our country stands at the cusp of high growth and major transformation, several challenges lie ahead – creating jobs for the burgeoning young population, reducing dependence on imports, switching to cleaner energy, meeting climate change targets, and above all lifting millions more who are still trapped in deprivation and poverty.

The core concepts and issues of utmost concern to the Indian economy are vividly explained in this book through a reader-friendly question-and-answer format in 14 chapters. Titled ‘Indian Economy: developmental perspectives, the book poses questions of critical importance and seeks credible answers to them.

With all the pedagogical features of a strong academic textbook, the book is supported by updated statistical data through tables and boxed items. An introduction on the ‘evolution of economic thought, an appendix on the comparative performance of selected Indian states/UTs on socio-economic parameters, and a Glossary make the book more rounded and comprehensive.

The chapters at a Glance

  • National Income and related concepts
  • Economic growth and human development
  • Inequality and poverty; finance and Banking
  • Taxation and Fiscal Policy
  • Foreign Trade and commerce labor and employment
  • Agriculture, food security, and nutritional
  • Industry and services
  • Infrastructure population and vital statistics
  • International economic issues planning and development
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