Economic Development in India (Policies, Reforms and Liberalisation) 3rd Edition by AV Balakrishnan

By (author)AV Balakrishnan

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The global economy is at an inflexion point. Battered by an unrelenting pandemic, Covid-19, persisting trade disputes, tussle for dominance among major powers, devastating climate changes and declining population in many countries, the world is grappling with a host of problems and groping for lasting solutions.

No economy has been spared from these issues and India too has not been immune to them. The festering border conflict India faces with China has not helped matters either.

On the positive side, India’s push for domestic manufacturing of major hi-tech, defence and electronic items and boost to pharmaceutical, textiles and food processing sectors, aided by a Production Linked Initiative scheme, and major thrust on infrastructure expansion, holds out hope for both economic growth and boosting employment in the coming years.

These and other aspects of Indian economy are presented in a lucid manner in this revised and updated work, supported by relevant statistical data.

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