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CUET + CBSE XII Preparation Strategy for Students

Preparation Strategy CBSE CUET

The schedule for both CUET 2023 and CBSE XII 20223 has been released by the NTA and CBSE. The reason why we are referring to both these exams together is that these both go hand in hand. The CUET is your first step towards landing you into your dream university while the CBSE XII exams will make you eligible to sit for the CUET. Both examinations are crucial among themselves and have their own significance.

While the CUET is to be held between the 21-31st of May, the CBSE XII exam date sheet has also been released by the Central Board of Secondary Education, i.e, the CBSE, that will block students’ calendars for February and March. The difficulty levels of both exams are easy to moderate and one thing which is of relief to students is that the CUET will be majorly based on the XII syllabus. The UGC chief Jagadesh Kumar just before the CUET 2022 tweeted that the CUET would not make the XII exams irrelevant and they will not be giving a push to the coaching culture.

Every student has a different learning power and ways to prepare, yet some basic preparation tips will help them be efficient and effective with their preparation.

  • Prepare a schedule

By now you guys must have been tired of listening to this from your teachers, your parents, your elder siblings, and other people that waking up early at 5 or 6 in the morning and having a timetable of everything will make you memorize better. We also have the same thing to say however, we don’t ask you to get up at 5, we just want you to organize your tasks and manage your time in a better way.

Even if you wake up at 8 you have plenty of time to prepare for the exams. You just have to divide your time into two parts- Boards and CUET. Keep it an 80-20 ratio, 80% of the board syllabus and 20% of the CUET syllabus, while you are not over your boards.

  • NCERT is your bible

No matter how many books, practice papers, sample papers, or mock tests you are referring to for the preparation. One thing which has to be your number 1 go-to is the NCERT. Solving the NCERT until you have it on your tips will increase your chances of passing the boards and getting a good rank in CUET.

  • Solving previous years’ papers

Referring to point 2, mastering the NCERT does not mean you should not read anything else. Going through and solving the past years’ question papers will literally make you familiar with the types of questions asked and also will make you assess your level of preparation. This applies to both CUET and board exams.

GKP and Career Launcher, keeping the significance of both the exams have come up with CBSE XII subject-wise guides for all streams also focusing on the CUET, including previous years’ solved papers for your better revision.

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