Fundamentals of Mathematics – Co-ordinate Geometry 2nd Edition by Sanjay Mishra

By (author)Sanjay Mishra

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Fundamentals of Mathematics is a series of seven books designed to provide comprehensive study material on specific areas in Mathematics.

The books are ideal companions of students aspiring to master a particular subject area as per their individual requirements.

All books in this series provide extensive coverage of topics supported by numerous solved examples. The concepts are explained meticulously with ample illustrations and practice exercises with solutions.

The books also equip aspiring engineers aiming for IIT-JEE, AIEEE, bit-sat, and other state Engineering entrance examinations. This series is customized, class-tested and structure driven with conceptual approach to the subject.

The authority, command and experience of the author, Sanjay Mishra is reflected in the clear explanations of complex concepts and in the chapter-end exercises.

Each volume in this series is planned in a student-friendly manner to make the learning process easier, more reflective and enjoyable.

Salient features: Rich theory followed by subjective and objective exercises Ample illustrations to aid learning Tutorial exercises with MCQs, comprehension passages, column matching and numerical integer type exercises.

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