Environment & Ecology for Civil Services Examination 5th Edition by Majid Husain

By (author)Majid Husain

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GK Publication launches the fifth edition of Ecology and Environment by Mr. Majid Hussain. This book has been thoroughly updated with all the recent developments in the field of Ecology and Environment.

With each passing day, the topic of Environment and Ecology is gaining importance due to global climatic changes, carbon emissions, deforestation, Arctic and Antarctic melting, heat waves, erratic monsoons, etc. Hence aspirants of UPSC and State Public Service Commission examinations must have an in-depth understanding of the issues involved.

This new edition includes new Wetland rules, an updated list of Biosphere Reserves & Wildlife Sanctuaries, and the latest IPCC report, which will be very helpful for UPSC aspirants.

Salient Features: Updated with all recent Ecological and Environmental developments. As per the latest UPSC-Civil Services guidelines and exam pattern. Lucid and simplified study material.

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