Objective Economy 2nd Edition (UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination) by GKP/Access

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Buy Latest 2nd Edition of Objective Economy (UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination) published by GK Publications and Access. This will enable the aspirants to face the preliminary examination with confidence.

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‘Objective Economy’ is an ideal preparatory tool for the aspirants of Civil Services Preliminary Examination.

The book “Objective Economy 2nd Edition (UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination) by GKP/Access” comprises of exhaustive objective questions which test student’s preparation levels on various aspects of Indian Economy and Social Development.

The questions are application based; so as to let aspirants identify their core strengths and work on areas of improvement.

Question level as per the UPSC & State exam pattern

Incorporation of various economic segments viz Infrastructure;

Health, Labor and Education; Monetary Policy, RBI Inflation and Banking,

Unemployment & Poverty and Budgeting and Public Finance

Detailed explanations to all questions

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