History Optional: Modern India & World History Previous Year UPSC Solved Papers 1979-2019 by Rashid Yasin by GKP

By (author)Rashid Yasin

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GK Publication’s UPSC Previous Years Solved Papers (1979-2019) for History Optional Modern India & World History is a book that deals with the optional history questions that have come in the UPSC examination from 1979 to 2019.

The answer to every question has been conceptualized very precisely, keeping in mind the demand of the question and the expectations of the UPSC while evaluating the solution. In any examination, time management plays an imperative role; accordingly, this book is structured.

The answers are lucid and condensed and very helpful for last-minute revision. We hope this book will help the students efficiently grasp history and facilitate them in perceiving the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind every historical episode.

Salient features: The sequential arrangement of previous years’ questions with answers. Divided into two parts: Modern India & World History. Helps aspirants get a feel of past questions with their answers and accordingly prepare. Each question has its corresponding year mentioned. The importance of CCC- Context, Concept, and Content-thoroughly took care of.

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