History of Modern India 2nd Edition Book for Civil Services Exam by Sujata Menon

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This book provides an interpretive and comprehensive account of the history of India. It explores significant historiographical debates concerning the period while highlighting important new issues, especially those of gender, ecology, caste, and labour.

The arrival of the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama in Calicut in India in 1498 was the first step in the colonisation of India by the European powers. The subsequent settlements by the Portuguese, the Dutch, the British and the French marked the beginning of modern Indian history.

The period also witnessed the slow but final disintegration of the Mughal Empire. Further events culminated in India becoming a vast British colony. Then came the Freedom Movement and finally the dawn of independence in 1947.

For students appearing in the UPSC and state civil services examinations, this period in India?s history forms an important part of their syllabus and preparation.

This revised, second edition of History of Modern India? sequentially traces the events from the early 17th century right up to the freedom movement in a detailed and lucid narrative. The book has been thoughtfully divided into three Parts.

The wide scope of the book means that it is not only limited to UPSC exam but includes students of history and the social sciences.

This edition will help students and aspirants save time and remain focused in their preparation than researching on new topics.

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