NCERT Solutions Organic Chemistry Class XI-XII

The objective of writing this book is to provide NCERT Solutions for students that presents its contents in a way that makes learning interesting, while, at the same time, highlights the strategy to solve the problems.

The book will help students focus on a small number of straightforward, repeated, fundamental concepts; and will also guide them in applying the concepts in different ways to solve a variety of problems.

While developing the NCERT Solutions, the following three points were kept in mind:

1. Providing unit-wise solutions of NCERT for classes XI & XII

2. Developing an in-depth understanding of the basics, and the strategy to solve the questions

3. Eliminating the fear of Organic Chemistry from the student’s mind.

Unit 1
Organic Chemistry- Some basic principles & techniques
Unit 2
Unit 31
Haloalkane & Haloarenes
Unit 41
Alcohol, Phenol & Ether
Unit 5
Aldehyde, Ketone & Carboxylic acid
Unit 6
Unit 77
Unit 8
Unit 99
Chemistry in everyday life

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NCERT Solutions Organic Chemistry Class XI-XII

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