Indian Heritage, Art And Culture by Madhukar Kumar Bhagat

The vast, rich and diverse cultural heritage of India is explained in a sequential, lucid and easy-to-understand language. Primarily aimed at students appearing for various competitive examinations, especially the civil services main examination, the book however should appeal to a wider and broader audience in view of the relevance of the subject and the manner in which it has been presented.

Salient Features

• Chronologically structured explanation of India’s cultural history from ancient to modern
• Plenty of supportive illustrations
• Solved Prelims questions from 2001 onwards 
• Practice questions for Prelims
• Past years’ Mains questions and practice model questions with answers

Structure of the book

Chapter 1: How to Approach the topic for the civil services main examination
Chapters 2-6: Art and Culture in Ancient India
Chapters 7-13: Art and Culture in Medieval India
Chapters 14-25: Art and Culture in Modern India
Appendices: Past Years’ Prelims Questions Fully Solved
Practice Questions with answers for Prelims
Practice questions for mains with answers

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Indian Heritage, Art And Culture by Madhukar Kumar Bhagat

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