Gate Guide Life Science Chemistry & General Aptitude 2018

GKP’s GATE Life Science Chemistry & General Aptitude has become one of the most popular books for GATE prep since its inception in 1994. The current edition is thoroughly updated and revised as per the syllabus prescribed by GATE conducting body IIT, Roorkee in 2017. In order to help the students thoroughly equip them for the exam, this book provides 24x7 access to premium content through an android app and a web portal.

• Preface

• About GATE

• GATE Syllabus 2018
General Aptitude

Part I. Verbal Ability
1. English Grammar
2. Sentence Completion
3. Synonyms
4. Antonyms
5. Reasoning Ability

Part II. Numerical Ability
1. Numbers and Algebra
2. Percentage and Its Applications
3. Time and Work
4. Ratio, Proportion & Mixtures
5. Permutations and Combinations & Probability
6. Miscellaneous

Chemistry (Compulsory)
1. Atomic Structure And Periodicity
2. Structure And Bonding
3. s, p And d Block Elements
4. Chemical Equilibrium
5. Electrochemistry
6. Reaction Kinetics
7. Thermodynamics
8. Basis of Organic Reaction Mechanism
9. Structure Reactivity Correlations
10. Chemistry of Functional Groups
11. Polymerisation

Mock Tests and Solved Papers
Mock Test 1
Mock Test 2
Mock Test 3

Solved Paper 2016
Solved Paper 2017

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Gate Guide Life Science Chemistry & General Aptitude 2018

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