IAS Mains Compulsory English – 17 Years’ Solved Papers 2001-2017 (4e)

The fourth, updated edition of IAS Mains Compulsory English is updated with the latest solved Compulsory English Paper of the 2017 civil services main examination. A rich vocabulary along with conceptual clarity of the basics of grammar is a key for a high

score in any examination having an English language paper. To master the rules governing the spellings of words, the chapter titled ‘The Basics and the Rules Governing Spellings’ in this book would be an invaluable help. For developing a rich vocabulary, the chapter ‘Indispensable Words and their Synonyms (Alternatives)’ should address the need for a stronger vocabulary to make a definite impact while writing answers.

Also Includes

Solved English Papers of Indian Forest Service Examination 2013-2015

Solved English Papers of IES/ISS Examination 2013-2015

Two Solved English Papers 2013 & 2015 of Punjab Civil Services

Main Examination

Acknowledgements Preface to the Fourth Edition Importance of Grammar, A Rich Vocabulary and Spellings of Words
1.UPSC Main Compulsory English Solved Papers
2.IES/ISS General English Solved Papers
3.Indian Forest Service Examination General English Solved Papers
4.PSCSCC Main Examination Compulsory English Solved Papers
5.Spelling & Vocabulary
I : The Basics and the Rules Governing Spellings
II : Indispensable Words and their Synonyms (Alternatives)

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IAS Mains Compulsory English – 17 Years’ Solved Papers 2001-2017 (4e)

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