Essentials of Polity & Governance in India  Civil Services Examination 2018

Essentials of Polity and Governance in India traverses India’s political journey in a carefully structured, calibrated and sequential manner. The book is a updated reference on topics related to India’s political and constitutional developments for aspirants appearing in the civil services and various other competitive examinations.


  • Covers key events and landmarks in India’s political journey from the British era upto the Modi government
  • Introductory section on Indian National Movement
  • 700 MCQs with select explanatory notes
  • Past 7 years’ prelims solved questions

• Preface
Part - I

1. Birth and Growth of Indian Nationalism
2. Birth and Growth of The Indian National Congress
3. Indian National Congress: The Extremists and
4. The Indian National Congress: Reunion and Alliance
5. The Indian Home Rule Movement
6. The Indian National Movement 1917-1947
7. Between Non-Cooperation and Civil Disobedience
8. The Government of India Act—1935, The Congress Ministries, and World War II
9. Indian National Movement 1940-1947
Multiple Choice Questions

Part – II

1. The British Rule and India’s Constitutional Development
2. The Constituent Assembly of India: Framers’ Preception of India’s Constitution
3. The Indian Constitution: A Textual Introduction
4. The Constitution Of India: Preamble, Features, Citizenship
5. Amendment Procedure In India’s Constitution: Concept of Basic Structure
6. Parliamentary System In India
7. Federalism In India
8. Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles and Fundamental Duties and Rights Issues
9. The Government at The National Level
10. The Government in The States
11. Administration National Level
12. The Legislatures in India
13. Judiciary In India
14. Union Territories, Scheduled Areas, Tribal Areas
15. Grassroots Democracy: The Urban-Rural Administration
16. Commissions and Functionaries: Constitutional/Statutory/Extra-Constitutional
17. Public Policies: Programmes And Schemes
18. Miscellaneous
Multiple Choice Questions

Part – III

Questions From Prelims
• Answer Key III
• Explanation III

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Essentials of Polity & Governance in India  Civil Services Examination 2018

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