New Compulsory English by Hari Mohan Prasad (2e)

This book by a noted English Language expert caters to the specific needs of aspirants appearing in the

civil services main examination, judicial and banking examinations and other similar examinations having

a paper on subjective English. The subjective part of English language includes Precis, Essay,

Comprehension, Vocabulary, Sentence construction etc.

The content, presented in a fluid and easily understandable style, is a mix of the above subjective topics

and solved papers from various examinations. This second edition is updated with the latest solved

papers of Compulsory English of the civil services main examination.


• Precis Writing

• Comprehension

• Letter Writing

• Essay Writing

• 100 Rules of Grammar

• Direct and Indirect Speech

• Idioms and Phrases

• Tense

• World of Vocabulary

Preface to the Second Edition vii
Major Examinations Covered in this Book ix
Solved Papers
UPSC Main (Compulsory English 2017 Paper)
UPSC Main (Compulsory English 2016 Paper)
UPSC Main (Compulsory English 2015 Paper)
Geologists Examination 2015
Indian Economic Service Exam 2014
Indian Forest Service Examination, 2014
1. Precis Writing
2. Comprehension
3. Letter Writing
4. Report Writing
5. Paragraph Writing
6. Expansion or Amplification of Ideas/Proverbs
7. Introduction to Essay Writing : Model Essays
8. Parts of Speech
9. Tense
10. 100 Rules of Grammer
11. Articles
12. Narration/Direct and Indirect Speech
13. Voice
14. Transformation of Sentences
15. ‘Do as Directed’ Types of Questions
16. Phrasal Verbs
17. Pair of Words
18. Idioms and Phrases
19. World of Vocabulary

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Compulsory English by Hari Mohan Prasad (2e)

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