Comprehensive World History  for Civil Services Main Examination by Sujata Menon

Comprehensive World History provides a sequential and crisp narrative of the important events of modern world history. Beginning from the 15th century, it gradually traverses the later centuries leading up to the present day 21st century. In the process, it not only covers the range of topics required for the UPSC main examination, but also gives it a distinct narrative style. This considerably lightens the gamut of effort that an aspirant has to undertake in studying this topic. It will also be of immense help to general readers who would like to have a simple but authentic narrative of the history of the modern world.


  • Part I: Deals with world history from the 15th to 19th century
  • Part II: Deals with the events of the world in the 20th century
  • Part III: Deals with contemporary world history from 1990 to 2016

Part -I AD 1500-1900
Chapter 1: Intellectual Movements The Age of Renaissance, Exploration, Reformation, Enlightenment: AD1500-1800
Chapter 2: The Industrial Revolution: AD 1700-1920
Chapter 3:Mercantilism and the American Revolution
Chapter 4: Ancien RĂ©gime or Old Order and The French Revolution
Chapter 5: Napoleon Bonaparte and the Concert of Europe: AD 1799-1899
Chapter 6: Nationalism and Rise of Modern Nation States in Europe
Chapter 7: Colonialism and Imperialism
Chapter 8: Karl Marx and The Socialist Movement World in The 20th Century
Chapter 9: The Russian Revolution
Chapter 10: World War I: AD 1914-1918
Chapter 11: Inter-War Period: From AD 1918 to 1939
Chapter 12: World War II: AD 1939-1945
Chapter 13: Post World War II Period: AD 1945-1992

Part -II Contemporary World History: AD 1960-2016
Chapter 14: Emergence of Third World: Decolonisation and Neo-Colonialism
Chapter 15: Post Cold War Period: Globalisation, Liberalisation and Digital Revolution
Chapter 16: New World Order: Unipolarity and the Growing Power of Developing Nations
Chapter 17: The Arab Spring and the Pink Tide of Latin America: AD 1990-2016


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Comprehensive World History for Civil Services Main Examination by Sujata Menon

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